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Portfolio 2017

A sample of shots from 2017 to give a glimpse of what to expect in 2018 "Sam was brilliant, he instantly put us at ease and made us feel very comfortable on our special day....


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The Ceremony and First Dance
"The two parts of the day when you are, quite rightly, the centre of attention!"  
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The Boys
"You don't need a bride and groom for the day to go without a hitch!"  
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The Pre-Wedding Shoot
"The Pre-Wed shoot is an essential opportunity for us to get to know each other and for us to really put the groom through his...
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"Although all couples prefer the informal shots, I hope you will love the shots of the pair of you when I drag you off, away from...
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"The most important part of any wedding day is the bride. I love to capture her beauty and grace as she prepares to meet her...
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The Groups
"It's not just the bride and groom that get the chance to have a pose."      
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